Thursday, 12 August 2010

no more $50 rush

just had a session at $50 rush and lost $70 so that makes it $270 straight lost...bankroll is down to $720 so ill probably redeposit $150 from the $300 of withdrawals I made in the last week, will just have to grind it back up, losing is part of the game, it is how you react to losing which is so important

the figures show $5 lost in tourneys but this is not strictly true, i entered a $5 scheduled MTT as the last game of my RTR syndicate, it was only around 160 runners but still final tabling was nice and my 7th saw me send $29 to the collective prizepool, not sure how much of a return we will get as i think we are not showing a profit.

Mrs is out tonight and taking the baby, only for a couple of hours but means i can have a good session, will probably 16 table the $25 full ring...hopefully i can have an upswing and get me upto the path to $1000.


NLH HU $426.00
NLH FR -$128.00
Rush $12.00
Tourneys -$38.50
Bonus & Rakeback $318.00
Other $41.00
Live Poker $0.00
Total $630.50

Bank Roll $720.50

Withdrawn $680.00

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