Monday, 9 August 2010

Low Volume = High Profits

when i laid out my plans for the month I thought I would aim for about 30k hands a month, today i'm a 3rd of the way through the month and ive done 2600 hands.

I just cannot motivate myself to play, footie manager & TV and chilling with a beer seems like a more plausible option.

Only benefit is that i cant stop winning, in less than 1000 hands at $50 headsup and $50 rush ive won $340, in 1600 hands of $25 ive lost $4 - you cant make this shit up.

Hopefully as the football season has started up i might get some motivation to drink less and try and get my arse in shape, at the age of 28 i should still be able to motor up and down the wing, with my team being relegated last year there is a real possibilty of some glory at the lower level!

anyway figs look impressive, $580 withdrawn, unfortunetly a lot of this has not gone to debt clearance and has gone to household...ah well figs as follows


NLH HU $420.00
NLH FR -$128.00
Rush $222.00
Tourneys -$33.00
Bonus & Rakeback $318.00
Other $41.00
Live Poker $0.00
Total $840.00

Bank Roll $1,030.00

Withdrawn $580.00

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Ben said...

Do you think if the amount of hands you play goes up, your overall win percentage will go down? Or do you think there is no correlation?