Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Cash Out Curse

The Cash Out Curse is as big as a myth as the Loch Ness Monster, or Man landing on the moon.... supposedly you withdraw money and the poker site presses a button to make you lose so you deposit more - but seeing as i withdrew $50 last night to help out a bleak looking family bank account and then proceeded to lose $60 over the nights session could it actually be true?

No. i lost money because im a tool. i didnt follow my poker rules. i did not play No More Pain Poker. im very suprised i didnt have a sleepless night following my shambles.

it started out with be playing heads-up at around 6pm after dinner, i couldnt find any filthy shortstackers so just found a losing player based on Poker Table Ratings. I got owned for nearly a full buy-in, biggest hand was holding Q9 on a Q45 flop bet call, turn queen bet call, river 3, i bet he goes all in - i call not even thinking about 67 for the straight.

Sigh. later on i put in a mammoth (for me) 1000 hand session 9 tabling $25nl and I won everything back bar $5, all was ok now!!

I logged off played footie manager and watched some shite TV. Later on in the evening i fancied looking for some more donks and again couldnt find any shortstackers. I proceeded to lose $75 against a couple of players who werent great but i think i was tilted. the majority of this loss was a stupid/gay/retarded shove with Ace 10 no diamonds on a 23410 flop with 3 diamonds, villain had 3 bet me preflop and led the flop so I knew he had a decent hand, i wasnt suprised to see him turn over KK with a diamond and I missed my miniscule outs.

I rallied back $15 or so at Omaha but my bank roll has been decimated by $60 ($110 with thw withdrawal), im not annoyed at the amount as losses are inevitable, im annoyed at me not following my rules.

I have played this morning and found just the type of donk i should be tracking down, winning $25 against a player who 3bet shoved every 4-5 hands... i waited for aces and called easily holding againts KQ.

tonight is another tourney night with Mug, hopefully ill run better than last time where i had one min cash for like 10 efforts.

Bankroll $685

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