Monday, 26 October 2009

Weekend Review

i had planned to log a monster session of hands over the weekend, Friday night saw a rakeback payment send me over $800 and then i put in a decent session over a few hundred hands to put me upto $850, i then lost that heads up.. stopped had a few drinks and lost my $120 partypoker account playing blackjack which has been a long standing vice for me (thank fuck full tilt has no casino!)

anyway woke up Saturday pissed off and vowed to win it back, i played numerous small sessions totalling 3k hands which is a lot for me and i managed to end up a decent amount up with a decent $30 rakeback or so to come just for the weekend. graph and stats from 25nl below, somehow i have messed up my graph/stats from heads up but i lost about $60

as normal most of the winnings comes from $25nl, my heads up never got going and numerous times i got hit and run buy the short-stackers i look for - it has to be expected though, the Short Stack strtegy is all about doubling up and leaving, buying back in on a different table with the profit safely banked.

not a lot else done this weekend, played both days of football for once, a 3-0 win Saturday saw my 4th goal in 5 appearances with two from the bench... Sunday saw a 4-2win as well.

tonight im planning on a few drinks and im watching the wrestling... sad i know but it is my guilty pleasure... alongside this i will play a couple of tourneys and hopefully make a decent profit - ill report back tomorrow.

Bankroll a healthy $877

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