Friday, 16 October 2009

Recovering Well

Bank roll on the rise, upto $660, so with rakeback will be hopefully near $700.
i might withdraw $100 back to my dad as an inital pay back for his stake.

most of my profits have been at $50nl headsup, i really should dig out some hand histories as the play has been shocking.

playing a £5 rebuy tourney at my mates tonight, i should at least cash but with my mate owing me 8 cans of cider it might be a struggle - i think i might plan to buy the new PES game with the winnings so maybe that will focus me...

big session lined up for tomorrow night, probably wanna do 1k hands minimum and then some tourneys on Party Poker so i can have a drink.... i will self-ban on full tilt for 24 hours!!

anyways its been going well for me, hope you guys are having similar luck!

*Edit won $47 in a 20 minute burst to finish off my 50 ftps.... AK outflopping 9's and jacks and the getting paid off on a rivered nutflush..

i have withdrawn $100 so leaves bankroll at $606 + rakeback to come

1 comment:

John said...

Such a frustrating game, you can spend hours and hours grinding a profit only to blow it all in one mentally unstable or drunk session. Fair play to those that do it for a living. Well done anyway, keep off the pop.