Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Drunk Poker Plan

Played a little on Sunday and today, won about $50 on cash over the two days grinding $25nl and the occasional pop at $50NL HU... Sunday was my tourney night, did about 10 tourneys, only really got going in a $3 KO tourney - finishing 45th out of 1000+ seems impressive but it only netted me about $7.

My freeroll was again great value, 300 runners and top 63 pay prizes of $25 upwards to $1k for the winner - i exit on the 1st level when i gamble against a donk with AQ but cant hit against his pocket nines...a loose move maybe but the fella had shoved and lost with JQ and K10 already..... i did get a bit of respite in a $5 massive sattelite to the Double Deuce, 1600 runners and top 400 or so get a $22 ticket, i trebled up early and just held one easily for the prize which i have converted to tourney dollars.

I have been thinking a lot about why i have lost the plot on numerous occasions, i initially blamed tilt but looking at it properly it is drunken tilt. A week ago i tilted and lost $100ish but i stopped logged off, on Friday i tilted but as i had drink flowing through my body i didnt stop, i went onto a $400 heads up game - clearly a drunken decision. looking back im pretty certain when i have lost $400+ it was when i had been drinking.

so from now on, whenever i have a drink at home i am going to use the self ban feature for 24 hours, i simply cannot trust myself.

I am going to set up a new poker account with $50 and that will be used whenever i am drunk and fancy a game, more than likely this money wont last to long but id rather gurantee a $50 loss than risk a potential $500+ loss.

bankroll at $437 & $22 Tourney dollars.

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