Friday, 9 October 2009

Quick Update

very small update, didnt play Wednesday as the Mrs had her only night off this week so we just chilled and watched tv.

Yesterday i jumped on in the morning before work and lost about $25 heads up mainly due to river a flush which filled the villains boat.

Come the evening i was knackered but was determined to wipe off the morrnings losses and to earn my 50 full tilt points.... 45 minutes later the job was done and i ended up in profit

play a little cash play at lunch with my work mates, won about £20, would of won a lot more but bottled the last Omaha hand, i held KJQ8 with two spades, there was a raise and reraise preflop and a pot sized bet on a flop of K** with two spades...i folded as my flush draw was jack high and with the action preflop i figured a K qith a queen kicker werent great - i also knew that his flop bet of £4.50 meant he was commited for his last £10 on the turn so i folded.

all the money went in on a non spade 10 turn and the original raiser won with two pair 10's and fives, the river paired and i actually would of scooped the near £40 pot with two pair -still a good fold i think.

fancy a session tonight, will probably grind my 50 points 9 tabling $25nl and then drop the amount of tables and watch the England under 21's - fancy a bet on Walcott Scoring and England winning.

Bankrolll $778

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