Saturday, 31 October 2009

October Month Review

So October has finished and I think its the month that has opened my eyes, since starting this blogging caper earlier in the year i have proved that i am a winning player but with just extremely bad discipline, i would build up a roll to the $700-$1000 region and then Drunk/Tilt a huge chunk of it and have to rebuild.

earlier this month i went one better, I lost my whole roll roughly $700 after tilting and playing heads-up - since then i have not touched my account drunk and touch wood never will again. when i look at my results I have to realise that this is serious business, i can make some decent money and with 3 kids and 1 on the way I need to man up and treat the game with respect.

anyways onto my results, i have not included my drunken nights figures basically i want to look at what i have achieved and use this as my motivation for future months.. i know i still ower $250 to my dad for the stake and that will be paid as and when.

here is my graph

this is made up of

$50NL heads up - 3011 hands, 6.05BB/100, + $185.10
$25NL 6 Max - 32 hands, 26.31BB/100, + $4.21
$25NL FR with antes - 211 hands, 20.37BB/100, +$21.38
$25NL FR - 14,711 hands, 7.31BB/100, +$537.57

poker profit - $745.31
Rakeback - $137.62

October Total - $882.93

November goals is basically the same! I have no intentions of moving up and will withdraw all profits as I have debts which I would rather clear than have money sitting in a poker account...long term once i'm debt free I can try and move up the levels

the only difference i would like is to get some decent MTT results, I have 2 $5000 freerolls through my rakeback provider and im in the FTOPS warm-up on Sunday.... only 50k players to get through for a $25k score lol!

anyway thanks for reading, bankroll is $1000.

*edit just lost about $50 heads up and had to withdraw $50 to cover buying summit.... bankroll now $910
*super edit i rock like rock on x factor - bankroll bank over $1k

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