Friday, 2 October 2009

First Day of No More Pain Poker

Two smallish sessions made up the first day of my new disciplined start, first off a session in the morning hoping to find some drunken Americans, session was fairly steady only 1 bad move with a $11 river bluff running into the ace flush that I was trying to represent. After a day of work, a nice steak dinner with my parents and an acupuncture appointment for hayfever and headaches I have been suffering with I want really in the mood to play, but I wont play 20,000 hands by not playing so logged on and booked a similar profit to the morning to put me at an impressive 2 buy-ins up over 600 hands.

After watching a few tv shows with the mrs and then watching the end of a very boring Celtic vs Rapid Vienna match I did my usual search for a few shortstackers at heads-up, I found a few people who would bet and win the first hand and then refuse to play me!! Been happening quite a bit lately and annoyed me a bit, I managed to siphon a $3 profit off one before deciding I couldn’t be bothered with the constant sitting out and logged off bankroll plus Take Two Bonus is $703

As for live cash play, me and two mates from work have just sneaked off for a 90 minute dealers choice game, I managed to finish up £13.80 but these session are so random that by time it gets to payday ill could be up or down upto £50!

Mrs is working tomorrow night so I expect ill try and motor a minimum of 1000 hands then, I might try and see if I can do some sneaky hands whilst I do some accounting work for my Dad Tomorrow morning, trouble is he normally sets me up on a donkfest on Paddy Power Poker hoping ill take a decent cash down!!

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