Thursday, 1 October 2009

Sept Review - October Goals

Last session of the month last night and it was a bit of a hairy one, $30 up on the Full Ring $25nl games before dropping $60 headsup, playing a short stacker and running into 3 full houses, I left when his stack was upto $80 – quadrupling his buy-in off me grrr.

Won back $30 this morning but this will be included in my October Figures for the purpose of this post...

So anyways onto this post, I see a lot of blogs doing it and I think it’s a great way of getting focus… the September review is not gonna happen, basically I won steadily reached $750ish and the dropped to $330 on a stupid tilt night, since then I have grown this back to $600 playing sensible and within limits.

So October goals, basically the main aim is to play a whole month without being a stupid prick, keep within my limits and get a high volume in. My Cash results have improved greatly and I want to play a load of hands to make sure me winning is because im a good player, and not because of variance.

So this month goals and rules–

• I want to play a minimum of 20,000 hands at $25nl Full Ring, I can also take shots at any shortstacker at heads-up I can find.
• I will only play tournament if in the mood, no firing up 6 tournaments then realising I cant be arsed and playing like a donk.
• If I have been drinking stick to cheap games, STT’s or MTT’s $2 or below – cash 10nl and no more than 4 tables
• $50 Stop Loss at cash tables
• Post my session results every day
• Post Hand Histories on RTR or 2+2
• Final Table a MTT with 200+ runners

By the end of all of that my actual aim for the month is to increase the bankroll to minimum of $750, and to withdraw $200 which is what I deposited a couple of months ago. As my bankroll is $600+$50 take two bonus I basically need to win $300 this month.

Long term I want to equally grow the bankroll and withdraw to pay off some debt., I know people say never to withdraw but with a family and debt I need to prioritise, I don’t give a fuck about climbing levels, im playing poker as a hobby which provides a side income.

So there it is my October Goals, basically behave myself, make a profit and kick on.

Time for real poker, time for discipline – time for no more pain!

*have put a goal & rule up for Mug as well!

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