Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Nice Cash Play Hand

Just had a nice session in my weekly pot limit cash game with a couple of my work buddies, going into the session i was down about £8 and it was paying up time after the session.... i played a solid enough game and going into the last hand i was about £25 up...then this crazy hand comes up.

We are playing 3 handed and the last game is Pot Limit Omaha... Dean makes a standard button raise to 70p and i annouce "i'll call to see the flop" knowing that im going to need a sick flop for my 2 3 7 9 rainbow!!

Flop comes ACE 3 3... sick!! its on me and i bet 50p, a small teaser begging to be re-raised, Mug folds and Dean calls.... next card is a 3! i mutter something about a pocker pair being nice and bet around £2... Dean calls... river is another Ace so the board reads AA333... i do some excellent acting, talking about pocket pairs and aces etc... i eventually bet £2.70 and Dean re-raises to £ this moment i actually wonder if he has pocket aces for a sick sick Quads over Quads but eventually i man up and go all in, Dean has another £15 behind. Dean ponders for ages and folds showing an ace.... grrr really wish he had a pocker pair and i would of scooped a massive pot!

Online has been pretty poor, i didnt play Monday as i felt tired and a bit pissed off, a certain receipe for disaster, yesterday i booked a $40 profit over around 500 hands at $25nl and then went on after the Arsenal game, i played heads up and initally won about $25 before losing a stupid amount of hands and tilted eventually losing over $100..i then lost $30 this morning cos i couldnt lay down KK's on a ten high flop when the villain obviously has a set and then AK on a AAJ910 board when villain had 10's.

bankroll is still tidy at $709 and i have withdrawn some dollars into my account... really want to put some volume in as ive only played 7k hands at $25nl

oh yeah, i got a free $6 on party Poker which is now $33 - happy days!

* Edit won $59 on Full Tilt over like 300 hands which is a nice semi recovery then played Party Poker and now ive got $117 after some Omahahaha.

eazy game. sometimes. karma dont bite me!

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