Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Two Fun Hands

Two Fun hands………

Playing our 3 handed lunchtime cash game today, we had two amusing/interesting hands

1st Hand is pot limit hold’em, I call from the button with 69 off suit and it gets raised from the small blind by Hugh to 60p….Mug the big blind re-raises to £1.80… I fold and here it gets interesting….. we play pot limit and it’s a friendly game and 3bet pots are rare so when Hugh 4 bets the pot another £7 I put him on a monster…. Mug agonise’s for a while and amazingly 5 bets the pot another £16 or so!!... Hugh thinks and thinks and then re-raises Mug for his last £3 and we have a monster pot of over £50..

Now can you guess the hands? AA and KK?? A long way off!! Mug sheepishly says I hope you havent got a pair and flips over pocket 3’s…. Hugh groans and flips over AK? No he has pocket 2’s!!!

Madness!! The board runs out dry and Mug wins with 3’s!!

2nd Hand…

Pot Limit Omaha… I have 7446 it gets raised preflop to 60p we all call as we always do in Omaha…. Flop comes 46K with two diamonds…. I bet £1.00 and get two calls… turn is the 7 of diamonds…I bet out £1.50 to see where I am and get two callers…. Auto lockdown now with the flush out…. River comes an immense 7 of clubs giving me a full house, pot is roughly £7 so I bet £2 and I get insta pot raised by Hugh to £10…. I eventually call muttering only 4 hands beat me…. He has 35 of diamonds for a straight flush.

Live Poker is Rigged!!

Ended up £21 up for the session which may compensate me when I eventually get sacked for having 2 hour lunch breaks!


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Anonymous said...

This is your Boss. You are sacked for having 2 hour lunch breaks. Please leave the building and don't come back !!!