Monday, 23 November 2009

Stake Returned - bankroll decimated

as readers may know my starting bankroll and a "refill" on two occasions when i have gone busto has been provided my my dad who himself is a avid gambler and a recent new addition to online poker.

I estimate these deposits at about $750 with me withdrawing $350 back to him, however this has never been a problem, he is a wealthy bloke and was happy to be paid back whenever.

however this changed Sunday, when i saw him Sunday he was saying that he had lost his $900 betfair poker bankroll, i basically told him that he was stupid and that he needs to tighten up his game and start using bankroll management. His reply was, you can hardly talk - the only reason you have any money online is because i gave you it!!

cheeky bastard, i indeed have benefited from his bankroll loans but each time i have turned his $200 or so into $1000 or so - around about the point i was at on Sunday when we had our disagreement!!

so with that in mind i withdrew $400 for him leaving me with $500, not ideal but at least this way he cant lay any claim to my account and everything in there is my profit and what i have earnt.

so the bankroll grind starts again, my first target is $750 by month end which is only a week away, once November comes around i will start some new goals.

For all purposes today is day one of poker for me (again!) and hopefully this run there will be no dramas/drunkneess/tilt and most of all i hope i dont need to go cap in hand to my dad!!

bankroll $500

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