Monday, 16 November 2009

Full Tilt Holiday Hundred

Loving Full Tilt at the moment, only two months after Take Two they now again are dishing out free monies. Holiday Hundred is what it says, a free $100 as long as you have cleared your initial deposit bonus - no strings attached.
Of course as with all bonues you have to play to release it and each $10 increment is released after earning 160 Full Tilt Points.

To opt into the bonus you have to go to requests on teh software and select my bonus offer, and to then check your status click on bonus on the cashier tab and not the promotions tab as before.

Last night i planned on a mammoth 2000 hands session but stopped after 500, the reason being that i was a little tired and had snapped at my daughter for interuppting me cos she needed a drink - not on in my opnion (my behavior not my daughters) so when i reached my 50 full tilt points i logged off and spent some time with her - karma restored.

after she fell asleep i managed to resist the urge to log on and instead watched a couple of epsiodes of the wire, but finally the urge got me and i indulged in some $50 heads up, so many donkeys about and at one stage i had reached the magic $1000 mark again before then tilting like a moneky and going down to $870... the reason i tilted?

hit and runners!! twice I got hit and run and then feeling a bit pissed off i got into a hand where by the river i held A7 on a 8892Q board, my $20 pot river bet got snapped off by pocket 7's and i lost the plot, 2 hands later im calling, yes calling a $30 bet with A6 on a 3454 board hoping to hit my meagre outs and.

luckily i calmed down, regrouped and hunted some decent tables, i managed to regroup and the bankroll is $940

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