Tuesday, 10 November 2009


have basically broken even since last post, basically swinging up and down and on the wrong side of variance,no big deal, i have finally accepted that you can have a losing session without finding the urge to play heads up at $200nl to chase a loss.

Recently i have been getting bored with 9 tabling, once i have sped around the screen and folded 5 or 6 hands in 3 seconds it leaves me about 10 seconds for the hands to get dealt again, i have no real need to follow the action closely as i am a complete HUD whore using the stats to help with my decisions and i only really pick patterns off hands that are played against me.

So i know have moved to 12 tabling, and on a laptop this leaves mega overlapping but at the moment i think its working, i can play 1000 hands an hour and seem to be doing ok, i havent really heard of many multitablers amongst the bloggers out there? how many tables do you play? leave a comment!

Bankroll is still not great at $650 but im sure a rush will come and ill get back upto a four figure bankroll soon, need to be relaxed about it and just play decent poker.

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