Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Is Poker Table Ratings Accurate?

i have to admit that my blog has been a bit shit recently, cash blogs are seldom interesting, even more so when its through sensible play and i'm far to lazy to post hand histories mostly.

So today is a bit of a topical post following a discussion with a friend, basically is Poker Table Ratings accurate?

I use it a lot on headsup games, religously checking oppenents as i dont want to be playing proven winning players, recently i had been caned by opponents for my poor record on there and looking at it, is says im $1000 down!!

to be honest i know my record isnt going to be great as i have had a few "rocky" nights to say the least, losing $600 and $400 on occasion in one sitting, however to say i am breakeven for the rest of my 60000 hands logged is incorrect, i would say that i am probably at this moment in time breakeven at cash, in fact i have to be based on my withdrawals and deposits as my profit basically equals my daily dollar win!

the website claims to track 95% of games on Full Tilt but i have found a difference

Looking at my main two games in my poker tracker database i can see the following stats -

Poker tracker $25nl up $170 over 34k hands - Table Ratings $270 up over 30k hands
Poker tracker $50HU $840 up over 10k hands - Table Ratings $233 down over 8k hands

a $1000 difference at $50 heads up games! considering i only really play on my laptop how can they be so different?!

trolling through the forums it seems that there is a problem with headsup games and that it misses tables that you start yourself and also misses the first few hands of games - can anyone verify this? seeing as i bumhunt and stack my shortstacked opponents quickly this would lead to inaccurate data!

so anyway my conclusion is that Poker Table Ratings is accurate for Full Ring games but heads up is a bit sketchy!! still a useful tool though!!

last nights session was good, $85 up over a mix of games, bankroll is now $760, im of to Dublin with my Dad, Wife and sister for the weekend, looking forward to the atmosphere for the Ireland France playoff game, really think the Irish can do it!!

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