Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Update and im gutted about self ban from stars

I have decided its a bit risky to 12 table $25nl with $500 so i have deposited another $50 which i had lying around, im should have hopefully another $100 by the end of the week. with this an any profit/bonus/rakeback i make i should hopefully be at $750 by December start on Tuesday.

from then onwards i will post daily graphs,target graphs etc, try and get my blog discliplined to match a new disclipined era in my poker game.

Also recently i self-banned myself on Poker Stars, basically i didnt want any distractions from Full Tilt.... now it seems the Raise The River Forums have a weekly bloggers game with a low buy-in($5) - rats!! would love to play against teh guys whos blogs i read!

is there anyway to unself ban?!

grr - bankroll is $610

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