Thursday, 19 November 2009

Thierry Henry is a nob

Rarely am i still fuming this long after a game, if we've been done, spanked, cheated whatever im normally Philisophical by the next morning.

Maybe as an Arsenal fan im sure whatever we have lost in we'll be back again next season. With the Irish however there isnt a next season, it will be 4 years before the next World Cup and many of our older players will of missed out on there chance to play on the biggest stage - even so with the way seeding works, non qualification will probably mean we are again set as a 3rd seed and will face another tough draw.

Now as an Arsenal fan i am disgusted with Henry, fair enough with the cheating but ot go consoling Dunne and Duff after robing them is rubbing it in, he admits today he handballs but says it wasnt deliberate - bull shit.

he should apologise the the irish fans and supporters.

I played poker after the game by the way.

I only lost $50 so not a total disaster, espcially as i was drinking Bacardi like no tomorrow.

Mrs is working next 3 nights so im staying sober and grinding out a minimum 5k hands, ill report how i do.

Bankroll $960

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Raisetheriver said...

gl tonight.

Pretty shitty of Henry tbh, thought he was a better sportsman than that.

Could you link us up please sir.

We will return the favour.