Monday, 16 November 2009

3 days Off

im back from Dublin which saw a 3 day break from online poker!! well almost as i did a couple of freerolls yesterday finishing 80/400 in the $5k Full Tilt freeroll for people who have earnt some Full Tilt Acadmy points or summit.

got $20 which takes my bankroll upto a more healthy $935 as i had a couple of decent sessions before i left.

Only downfall to all of this is that i already have missed 4 days of Iron Man this month so i can only afford to miss 1 more day or ill lose my silver status, shouldnt be too much of a problem as it only takes 30 minutes to earn 50 points but if my arm falls off or summit im screwed!!

Dublin was a wicked break, kinda got owned by my 66 year old dad though as come Satruday i was asleep on my uncles sofa at 12am whilst he and everyone else carried on till 3am!! might of been the 8 pints during the day that did me in!! Wicked city for drinking although a little expensive, my wife and sister said the shops are good so maybe an ideal city break for some people.

anyways as stated bankroll $935.

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