Thursday, 24 September 2009

1st night went well

so my quest to bang out iron man as quick as possible started well, felt extremely comfortable and booked in a 1 buy-in profit over the 40 minutes or so it took me to reach 50 full tilt points 9 tabling $25nl.

Later on in the night once the mrs fell asleep i fancied a bit of poker again, i had been drinking but i decided to lower the stakes and tables and play 4 tables of $10nl - 6 max for a little bit more action. The players were terrible but in my drunken state i didnt take full advantage winning about $10, to finish the night i looked around the $50 nl hu tables for a donk, the criteria for this is as follows -

buyins in for less than $30
Eastern European

Haha, maybe a little racist but certainly french and russian players are terrible from what ive seen, i won a fair whack for the night and am tempted to withdraw this for when PES 2010 comes out in a few weeks.

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