Thursday, 10 September 2009

Small Withdrawal and i cant win?!

made a small withdrawal to pay for dinner and drinks for tomorrow night and since then i have been stuck in a rut, i have been doing sessions of 9 tabling 25nl and every session i seem to get stuck around $80 before i grind it back by the end of say 1000 hands, this morning the same thingh happend, i lost $25 with 55 on a K52 flop (villain had KK) i lost $25 with AA on a 237 rainbow flop (villain had set)

only trouble is i had to leave for work so couldnt win the money back...

tonight im actually playing a decent live game at the Rendecous Casino in Brighton Marina, its a £55 freezeout which my dad is staking me in.... now i should be excited but i actually feel a bit nervous, i have played there loads (and final tabled twice) but still get the noob nervous feeling... i expect a few pints should help me.

note if anyone knows where i can find some free training videos for multitabling microstakes please let me know in my comments!

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