Monday, 14 September 2009

Not A Pretty Post & special Degen Edit

This is not good, my staple game, my money earning game is meant to be 25nl, recently i have started 9 tabling, i have had some recent sessions where i have been losing, each session i have been playing well but hitting rubbish luck.. i have check my graph today and i was near sick, my bad luck is an illusion, it must be as over a decent sample size im down $439 overall.nearly 18 buyins.

i cant get the ev graph of all these hands so from Sept 1st only i am running $270 below ev... is this normal?

even sicker than this, when i do have a hand if i dont get sucked out on i run into a bigger monster -

AA is a loser. i have had this 23 times and im down $6.90
AKsuited is a loser. i have had this 21 times and im down $37.95
AKoffsuit is a loser. i have had this 62 times and im down $25.90
KK is a loser. i have had this 30 times and im down $54.13


what can i be doing wrong?

what do i do now? Should i Quit? How can i turn this around? Deep down i know i am a winning player but this has thrown me

Bankroll is still actually over $700 as overall im only down $100 for the month taking into account other games, with rakeback i might actually be even lol!

*Edit damn near lost the plot after this post, absolute marathon session mainly at started with some heads up at 25c/50 and won $30 off an absolute donk in 5 hands... i then decided to just play 1 table of 25c/50c 6 max as i was watching tv, it started off great my stack had grown to about $75 and i looked like i was recovering when this hand happened -

do i get this totally wrong, he limps then makes a huge re-raise, then i flop an open ender, with 8 outs for the straight and 2 card for a set im 40% chance to improve?

sigh, from then on i move up to 50c/$1 heads up and manage to win about $40 back, and a little bit up on the degening when i run into trouble.

i find a bloke who has lost 13k sitting (stats taken from Poker Table Ratings) with $56... i proceed to get butt fucked, i guess i didnt play these hands well, probably as i did not give him any credit at all.

this is shocking, i guess i was hero calling hoping he had absolute air.

another poo hand, i was convined i was ahead and in my mind the gutshot was security if not.

from here on I launch the comeback.

villain had become passive and i wasnt to confident with mid pair, but nice to claw a pot back.

brave bluff 1

brave bluff 2

no idea if a bluff or not? i think he was on the ropes here...

i quit here as was completly knackered, our heads up was over 200 hands and i had clawed back to a $8 profit..

overall my degen session had earnt me $12 plus another $8 or so rakeback

overall for the day i was down $93.... at least i run good....

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