Wednesday, 2 September 2009

knowing when to quit

$115 lost in 500 hands, i know i havent played great and made a few bluffs but sometimes you just run shit.

bankroll now down to $700 and i might have to knock 6 handed tables on the head, a 30buy-in bankroll cannot sustain 4-5 downswings let alone 10-15 which can happen.

any help or comments re bankroll management are welcome - do you think i can play $25nl 6 max with a $700 bankroll?

enjoy my graph from lat 2 days


rich said...

I remember when I bought 1 millon hands from for partypoker, couple days before I made like $120 4 tablin 10nl. soon as I loaded up the hands. I ran and played like shit! karma!

theshocker7 said...

lol so as well as a cash out curse, theres a buying hand histories curse!!