Sunday, 13 September 2009

Live Trip Report - £55 1rebuy or add-on

So Thursday night i went down the Rendevous Casino with my dad and two mates for the £55 freezeout,7500 starting stack and 30 minute levels, on arriving we found out you were also allowed one add-on or rebuy but i didnt bring enough money.

Anyways out of 57 runners i still managed to draw my dad and mate mug on my table,first through rounds i was a total nit, every pot was limped or min-raised with 3 or 4 to the flop, i decided to rock up and see who the fish were, and luckily there were a couple.

During the course of the first few rounds a couple of latecomers joined the table, i knew they were decent players Darren Baxter and i think Tondy Adderley (i class good as being on Hendon Mob lol), they were both chatting about playing some GUKPT games and were solid players.. by the break i had an average stack which was then put below average as i didnt add-on.

I managed a double up on a strange hand, i have KK and reraise a min raise and we go two to the flop... flop comes jack high all clubs, i dont have a club but cant resist a cbet when he checks, villain calls and a King of clubs comes on the turn to give me Trips but 4 clubs are out, villain checks again and i take a free river. the river pairs the board five me the full house and the villain bets, i reraise all in and he calls after an age an flops over 45 of clubs, bad play from him i think!

from then all i cruise to the last two tables, stealing my way but eventually i have around 11 Big Blinds when a much discussed hand comes.

I have AQ on big blind with 11k and it gets raised to 3k, im about to shove when the small blind beats me in the pot.....old man has me covered and although i have tagged him as overly aggresive he has also shown aces and queens since i have been sat next to him... i fold and original raiser calls tabling KJ to Old Mans KQ - Fuck.. my hand would of held winning by a flush but -can you put your tourney on the line 3 ways with AQ? the general consensus was that it was an insta-ship?

only other hand to note,i have AJ diamonds in cut off and raise 3xbb, dealer calls, flop comes Q66 two diamonds and i check, he over bets the pot like 4k and i instaship... he mucks in disgust and i feel warm inide that i "bluffed" him off.

my mate on the rail informed me later that he had 3 4 off suit.

anyways i then play survival poker but it never looks likely to get going so as midnight approcahed i picked uo the birthday drinks and my table looked a bit bemused when at midnight i had a double shot of Sambuca!

still with a 10bb and less stack you dont need to be sober but i literally pick up no hands and eventually bust 13th and 3 off the money when my K5 bib blind defence runs into KJ - 5 on the flop but flush on the river

All in all a great tourney, i felt very comfortable and enjoyed the game, i didnt feel over matched and cant wait to go again

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Mudwig said...

folding aq there is right imo.
generally ignore the live players. they also think it's rigged online and it's not proper etiquette to raise too often.