Monday, 7 September 2009

I Took a Break - and did i play this hand wrong

i heeded my advice and took almost a complete break from poker this weekend, this was made possible by me logging on Friday night and losing $50 or so at mu usual stakes, following my degen pattern of recent nights i jumped onto a $200 heads up table... 6 hands later i had won a $170 pot the rivered K on a 10552 board giveing my AK a better 2 pair than my opponents KQ... with this win my bankroll was a healthy $805 so i insta quit and made a mental note to take a few days off.

Saturday i went to "work" with my dad and as customary he got me to play a MTT on his paddypower account, we elected fot the $10 rebuy with 80+ runners, top 10 pay with a healthy $1000 to the winner, i managed to get a decent stack early and was top 10 in chips all the way down to 2 tables, then with 15 left i am 9th and the play has slowed down dramatically, this hand then happens

I have pocket 9’s in Big Blind, bloke with above average chip stack of about 27k makes it 1200…. Folds round to me and re-pop him to 4k (I have 16k) he calls.

Flop comes 9102 rainbow…nice…. I check trying to get him to bite but he checks behind, turn is a jack…. Damn I cant slowplay now as there is a straight draw, I bet 5k and he goes all in…….i have to call and he flips over pocket jacks.

could i get away from this? should i be re-raising 9's preflop? would he fold if i bet the flop? grrr very disappointing to exit 15th after playing so well.

Saturday and Sunday i had football, my Saturday team losing 4-2 but with me scoring, my Sunday team win 3-1 but i dont assist or score, in fact i dont do a lot apart from float around the half way line, every time i get the ball i pop it off inside to a free man.... WTF i used to be a beast of a winger skinning entire teams but now im 28 and can barely run.

anyways thats me going off the course, on Sunday evening i go on to earn my 1 full tilt point for the Take Two bonus and i win an extra $20 or so.

Bankroll is $830 but i will be withdrawing $80 tonight to pay for my drinks on my upcoming birthday.

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