Monday, 28 September 2009

PPT, Bankroll Boost and Live Tourney Blog

Not been playing much since last post, have been doing the odd day of cash to grind out the remaining iron man and only have 1 day to go, these sessions have been pretty much break even with a profit of $4 over 1361 hands, however rakeback and a small transfer of funds from a win on another site now sees the bankroll over $500 - positive movement still.

Friday night i played a home game at mine, we call it the PPT, £1 rebuys basically, with only 6 players and two of them stoned off there tits it seemed an easy way to cash and eventually I split the £50 prize for 1st and 2nd with my mate Mug, we would of love to play out the headsup but it was 1am as at 4 handed we played for nearly an hour, the £5 for 3rd seemingly to attractive a prize to bubble for!!

Sunday night I did two small buy-in tourneys, I made notes throughout hoping it would make good reading....

my two tourneys

$3 tourney 471 entrants top 54 pay
$2 1rebuy and 1 addon 454 entrants top 45 pay

1st break 9pm

$3 im 48/244 – 3.8k chips
$2 im 18/374 – 6k chips

feeling knackered took some painkillers after footie which did nothing so having a few drinks, currently 2 bacardi and lemonades down

9.09 $2 game - call min raise with KJ flop comes AKJ shortie goes all in 700 with ace 6, river ace.
9.19 $2 game - raise to 550 (10xbb) preflop after a load of limps with QQ get two callers!! Flop comes 9 high a 1.4k bet gets the 2k pot
9.22 feeling drowsy…need the alchol buzz to kick in

9.25 $2 take down a 1.3k pot with 88 on a j795j board, too many checks so i get away with a little stab
9.32 $2 shove with AQ on AQ5 board get called by A8 and board runs out KK for a split pot, grr would have been over 11k.
9.35 $2 bluff gets picked off, stack down to 4.2k
9.43 $2 game is down to shit, lose an all in with QQ to AJ on J23 flop, turn jack

2nd break

$3 im 49/90 with 5765
$2 im 179/203 with 3170

on 2nd can of strongbow

22:05 $2 bluff upto 4.2k
22:13 $2 get a treble up!! 10s to good for AQ and AK! 12k now and 35/170
22:18 $3 rush of blood, lose half of my stack with blind on blind battle my a9 into aq now 63/69 hard work to get into money now
22:28 $3 double up flop top pair turn trips and call all in against flush draw and hold! Now 32/62 should cash at least
22:32 $2 pick up extra 2k with AK>jk now 32/126
22;46 $3 flop straight with J10 on Q89 board get all in with 1010 and end up splitting a 20kpot
22:50 $3cash bubbleburst, 32/50
22:52 $3 lose 21k pot all in preflop AA against 55 , 5 on the flop fucking joke
cash a sad depressing $6.36
22:54 $2 tiltshove aj into ak down to 4k
22:56 out of $2 ace 9 allin hit an ace and a 9 but lose to a rivered gutshot

tourneys are fucking gay, who calls 55 all in!!! grrrr.

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