Tuesday, 22 September 2009

22nd Sept Update

as promised an update of how ive done since my last crash...looking quite good, plodding along at 5c/10c but anytime i see a shortstack at 25c/50c i jump on and crush - these players are terrible!

obviously not the greatest bankroll management but seeing as they only have about $25 and im 1 tabling i think its a fair shout to be playing in these games - my lifetime graph shows that i do ok?!


Meteoric Poker said...

One tabling must be so dull! However with your lifetime graph looking like that you're doing something right :-)

Good going - what BR do you need for NL25 full time? (your stairway pic is too small for me to read!)

Daly said...

it says $750 and move down at $600... from my own experiences i would prefer 40 buyins ($1000) as when youre 9 tabling or more the swings can be horrific!

and yeah i can only 1 table heads up anyway, like to focus and get into a rythmn.