Thursday, 17 September 2009

New Start and brief recap of blog history

Great post last night, riveting reading im sure! Went to bed fuming, woke up just plain depressed.

My Poker journey/hobby/career/aspirations are at a crossroads, this Blog was started to help me overcome the demons of alcohol and tilt affecting my play as well as instilling some discipline in regards to bankroll management, game selection and all the key elements a poker player needs to be successful.

So has the Blog fulfilled it goals? Its only been going since April, so in the 6 months I have been blogging lets see how sensible I have been

• April – Start an account on PKR with $75 rakeback etc
• May – withdraw about $300 for Wedding expenses but…BUSTO go broke on the 13th May playing cash and then the deadly Casino Games
• June – get married, so a week or two off then I redeposit $75 on PKR, BUSTO my mid June, make a new account on Full Tilt, deposit $200 stake by my dad
• July – Bankroll rises to $900, withdraw stake, and then down to $500 and then RESULT! – I win $2020 by taking down the daily Dollar, I withdraw $1500 and buy the mrs a car, I have $100 as a bankroll but my month end – BUSTO, I lose $500 in one night playing heads up $2-$4
• August – Redeposit $200, by the 4th – BUSTO – get another $200 stake…..grind upto about $650
• September – bankroll fluctuates between $550 and $900, until last night when I snap and lose $300+ in one night putting me on $330

So yeah, BUSTO 4 times in 6 months. Looking at it ive deposited $750 and withdrawn $2000+ but I have no more money available so this $330 has to be grown into something and I need to keep disciplined.

The plan to restart from today 17th September is to restart at 5c/10c and grind away, might even do a run at $2 STTs, maybe heads up to see if I can find an easy profit maker, don’t wanna think about profit I just wanna build a huge sample size.

Will make some changes to the Blog, including a new name – I don’t even play on PKR FFS!

Good Luck All!

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