Friday, 18 September 2009

Tourney Night

So last night was a planned tourney with me and my mate Mugdonald both playing in a number of cheap tourneys under $5, mug had himself a bottle or 2 of wine and a chinese takeaway, I had a crate of strongbow and a bag of dorito's - we kept each other updated through Facebook chat.

Just to let you know, Mug is a friend met through work, he is pretty keen on poker and his nickname Mug was earnt through his initial play of poker .... when he used to say "i probably shouldn't call" or "you'll go mad if i hit" you knew a mugging was going to commence!!

he has recently deposited $100 onto full tilt and although he has struggled with cash, he is a very solid tourney player with as you'll see later a decent Sharkscope.

anyways back to the night, nothing really went right for me, only one cash in a lot of tourneys, a lot of sick beats but these have to be expected in these cheap donkaments... mug on the other hand had a good night, earning tickets in two satelites and taking a small cash in the daily dollar.

the graphs say it all really...

at the risk of sounding bitter, i spoke to mug and it seems he rarely lost a hand when he was in front, even letting me know when he cracked AK with AQ for a monster pot.... me on the other hand just seemed to have no luck losing with overpairs to underpairs as exit hands in 3 tournaments.... ah well anyway there are two hands i want to highlight, not bad beats - just want some opinions

I was fuming after this hand but this is totally my fault, i was trying to keep the donkish Nuxita in with a weak hand, trying to tempt a re-raise on the flop but with two flushes and a straight out i should of killed the hand off on the turn.

This hand killed me, Badbumhole had been stealing my blind constantly and although A4 isnt great i have to make a stand? we were both average with 20 left of a 600 runner tourney not sure how he can call 3/4 his stack with KJ but if my hand holds i go 2nd in chips...any thoughts? do I wait for a better spot?

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