Monday, 3 August 2009

aces cracked in my big shot

about a month ago i won $26 token and ive been saving it for a night when im in the mood for a serious run.

tonight is the night and i entered the $30k guaranteed KO tournament.

3rd hand in and first ive played this happens.

impossible to get away from this, i have to push to get rid of any flush draws?

still i just came 10th in a 90 manner shame it was a $1 entry which won me about $3 yay me.

im also 2/674 in a freeroll for pokermillion round 1 at the mo... top 27 get through to next round.

so much regret for my degen moments at cash....not so long ago i had a $1k roll...
in fact last night i had $340 after my win.

still the game rolls on. wish me luck and good luck to you.


would-be said...

Is it just my browser, or did you forget to link to the hand history? I can't see what happened to your aces.

would-be said...

Forget that last comment. It was my browser.

theshocker7 said...

sick aint it.. i know its standard but when ive been playing $1 tourneys for a week it would of been nice to mix it in a decent game!

would-be said...

It was nasty. Could see it coming a mile off, though. gl next time mate.

Yorkshire Pud said...

I think your raise preflop is too small to be honest. I'd have made it at least 350, probably 400 and hope to get heads-up.

LOL at the fish thinking his eight kicker was good at any point!

I hate AA too if it helps!