Saturday, 29 August 2009

Playin without a HUD

yuck just played a session to clear the final part of my biggest ever bonus without my HUD running and dropped 3 buyins...yuck.... showed how reliant i am on on using opponents stats as normally i can make a fold but today i was calling all kinds of river bets hoping the villain was a donk but mostly running into better hands, i did lose a $60 with AK to A5 the river completeing a flush but shit happens.

luckily i had won a $200 pot on Friday on a $100nl table when a villain moved all in on a 1023K board when the king popped out, i had set of tens and my mild fear of a set of tens were gone when the villain pops over 89 no draw. lol.

bonus should be in my account tonight and bankroll is $780.

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