Saturday, 8 August 2009

Full Tilt Infected With......Shortstackers

WTF is going on on Full Tilt at the microstakes? every table i go on half the table if filled with people sitting with $2... they all have redic stats like 4/4 or 7/2 and they are so easy to beat....they always have high pairs or AQ/AK so you can exploit with the suited connectors etc.

does make my screen a bit colourful as i mark shortstackers as purple, for the record i have average players as blue, donks as green and sharks at red.... i have only marked one person does as shark at 10nl, i cant believe i struggled so much at first.

anyways so hard to write an exciting post when all i have been doing is grinding 10nl and doing the occasioal $1 stt with my busto mates.. on the plus side for me my bankroll is growing and im doing my 50ftps a day so im on course for retaining my bronze iron man status.

ill leave you with some graphs to show my improvement at the 10nl

bad start -

getting better -

will do some tourneys tonight as the mrs is working and prob watch arsenal vs valencia.

catch ya later

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