Saturday, 15 August 2009

Hot Session!

had a bad night Friday.... had got my stack upto $440 since the last post and at peak was upto $480 duting Fridays session.... a quick sit down at 50NLHU as i had been doing well and i was stacked within 5 hands my Q9 on a raised pot hitting a QJ2 flop...i reshoved him all in and he had aces.... terrible play by me. i dropped another $40 at Omaha and a $16stt and went to bed really pissed off with myself.

went to work Saturday morning and as usual my dad was wanting to play poker, he went to the gym and told me to play a MTT so I entered the $15 freezeout on Paddy Power with a $2k guaranteed pot and 133 runners (small overlay).... 3 hours later we were on the final table and eventually busted in a 3 way pot with AQvsKJvs99 and finished 4th for $162.... not a bad score covered my £40 "wages" for the morning.

anyways my post was meant to be about my session last night, literally a quick blast before Match of The Day 1 tabling 25nl.... i won nearly $100 in 20 minutes! sickness, never run that hot before, it worked out at 496bb/100 :-) i even managed to beat a flopped nut straight by hitting quads on the river, did not put him on a flush, just a draw! take look -

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