Thursday, 27 August 2009

Drunk Poker Again

I got destroyed last night…. should have stopped playing L

Played about 6 tournaments during the match, only cashing in one of the satellites to the Double Deuce so I now have $22 Tournament Dollars…. Overall probably broke even in tournaments.

Anyways with 10 minutes of the match left I 1 tabled a 25c/50c table and won about $20…. The match finished and I was in the mood for poker so I played 4 tables of 10c/25c, played for ages and won about $60… happy days.

Im guessing now that the drink kicked in as I went onto a 50c/$1 heads-up table…. 1st hand in I have K4 small raise preflop and the flop comes Kxx he bets $7 I flat call, turn is a blank he bets $14 I flat call…I think I was scared of a bigger King.. River is a low card but puts a 3rd spade out, ugly turd bets $40 and I call…… ugly turd has A10 of spades and I instantly leave the table fuming.

To be honest I don’t think I was getting away with the hand as if I re-raised he would of stuck around with the nut-flush draw but what am I doing on that table!!!

From then on I lose another $10 or so playing heads-up Razz, Heads-up Stud and for all I know snap, Battleships and Soggy Biscuit.

I had to log on this morning to check my account balance as I had no idea what I finished up as.

Luckily I have $650 and $20 in tourney dollars so I reckon with rakeback im probably even for the night so not the end of the world, it could have been worse.

Gonna play a shed load of cash tonight, want to clear my bonus which will get me to $750.

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