Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Buying Full Tilt Poker Points

Had monster session by my standards last night, 8 tabled 10nl cash for 90 minutes winning $24 over 1000 hands plus about $5 of rake to come back... i think i only got up twice and my head was spinning after... i have no idea how people can 24-50 table at all...

in this session i think i had the biggest run of cards ever... i had aces and kings 8 times each, AK 7 times and queens 4 times.... is this a ludicrously high number? to be honest they werent that profitable and looking at the session pocket 3's was my most profitable hand probably cos i stacked someone who actually had a full stack on a J 10 3 flop.. villain held J10.

Anyway to the title of the post... i have earn about 6k in full tilt points and was browsing the store and came across the "Black Velour Bathrobe"... me and my mate laughed and he said i should buy it and wear it to the next home game.... a £10 bet later and i was game! it looked like i had a lot of playing to do as it cost 11k, meaning i am 5k short...a quick google search lead me to my beloved 2+2 forum and the marketplace forum... from here there were loads of people who literally had millions of FTP's to sell!

The going rate is between $3-$3.50 for 1000 points, so later after transferring a sound guy $32 through paypal i am know awaiting my pimptastic bathrobe.

the question is should i wear anything underneath at the next homegame?

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