Thursday, 13 August 2009

More ways to earn 50 Full Tilt Points

another poker free night in theory as i watched the England game which was a bit dire... goals coming from defensive mistakes instead of a touch of class a bit disappointing in a match between two top nations....only really Defoe impressed me and as he's a spud i can it nullifies any appreciation.

anyways... at half time i decided to load up full Full Tilt and entered there early daily double.... 3 hands in i suffered a bad beat with QQ losing to 105 on a 952 flop which put me on monkey tilt ( i had been drinking) so i literally went all in every hand on both tourney's till i was eliminated.... i know that sounds like im a mega-donk but id rather lose 2 minutes of my life and $11 in tourney fee's then grind out on a low stack with anger inside me potentially erupting at a bad beat later on!

anyways.... after the match i had calmed down and i carried out me new grind of my 50Full Tilt Points a day... previously i had been 8 tabling 10nl for roughly 90 minutes and whilst i still want to carry this out to get a decent sample size at this level when im drunk i want cheap action... so after a bit of research i have found that you earn 7 full tilt points for each dollar you pay in tournament fee's... i am quite partial to the $3.50 + 30c Super Turbo sit and goes so using my super math skills 7 dollars divided by 30 cents is 24 super turbo games to earn 50 Full Tilt points! a definite lightbuld moment for me... a do the tourneys in sets of 6, each set takes about 10 minutes - so i earn 50 ftps in less than an hour and as its basic all in or fold strategy i can play when drunk as a skunk and at least break even!

below are some graphs... of my 62 games so far.... both nights i have been drunk which takes the win rate down.. and my overall sharkscope as well... im evry annoyed that the weekend that i won $2019 is exempt from Sharkscope and Official Poker Rankings as i won during the software update and none of the tourneys would be picked up!

ps - if anyone knows how to crop these images better please let me know!


Mr Origami said...

The $3.50 super turbs must be my most successful game on Tilt but I just cant bring myself to play em any more cos it just feels like bingo lol

theshocker7 said...

lol deffo Mr O.... perfect for when on the ciders!