Sunday, 23 August 2009

Moving up to 25nl

since my weak play seeing me dump some dollars to Tubby Thomas Bihl... i took the strange decions to move upto 25nl with the bankroll at about $450 a bit lower than what i should move up with, however after running well and getting paid back $40 i was owed.....mainly helped by a hot session winning $123 in 240 hands my Bankroll is now $630 - goos times, the session was really good and my 6 max stats since my redopsit on 1st August is sick...10 buy-ins in 450 hands... graph here.

i know my sample size is terrible butmy plan is too get upto $750 which with the biggest ever bonus should be by the end of the month. when i reach that figure i will be regularly withdrawingh profit to pay off some debt... i know people say you shouldnt withdraw but i have no plans in moving upto $50nl and getting out of debt is my priority.

ill leave you with two hands.... love the river in hand 1 obviously.... lesson learnt from villain...dont slowplay!

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