Sunday, 2 August 2009

Poker on Diazepam and Freeroll Hunting

Hi all, not sure what ive done to do it but my back is completely fucked.
been to doctot and he reckons ive twisted some muscle or summit and i could be crippled for a couple of weeks. i've been prescribed diazepam, Ibuprofon and Co-Drydamol - im like a zombie.

however in my zombie like state ive managed to do ok playing some MTT's albeit at the microstakes -

$2 rebuy - 17th/336 - $9.90
$3 45 manner - 1/45 - $60
$2 rebuy - 23/214 - $6.90
$2 sat to double deuce 1/63 - $22
£2 rebuy - 3/336 - $174

in a set of tourneys yesterday i actually passed out due to the medication so when i settled for the evening session i decided to just play cheap as possible....ive found a great way to find freerolls, if you go to the private tab on tourneys there is normally a bout 10 freerolls where you just have to go to a website and get the password, last night in entered a collegefootball freeroll and came 5/167 for a huge $3 score. obviously not a great investment but a good laugh and handy if i go busto again soon!

since everyone is posting music videos... heres some music accompanying Arsenals future legend Eduardo Da Silva - Would-be are you sure we dont have an out and out goalscorer?


Joppa Road said...

dont listen to Would Be, he is just a bitter spud. Wenger knows what he is doing.

This is one of the very few blogs I read for poker. Have a good one.

theshocker7 said...

would be cracks me up, he seems like a sound lad but when football is mentioned he does come out with some shit!
i trust wenger but am a bit worried he is gonna be stubborn and not buy one... i'd be happy with Viera and a centre back and striker... although looking at Vela ripping apart USA last week maybe he can do the business!

Starlight Coast said...

I have you linked on my site. Look forward to many updates from your poker adventures.

Truumee said...

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diazepam side effects said...

I had panic attacks and I've always had pretty high levels of anxiety, but since I got put on valium I have not had one attack or even felt like I was stressed. I also stopped biting my fingernails down to the nub! A happy side effect was that I was told by my doctor to take it if my back started to hurt (because of my scoliosis) and since I started doing that my back has not "gone out" like it did SO much before!