Wednesday, 5 August 2009

A fun Session

wow played for a couple of hours tonight, low limits no pressure on achiveing anything - just playing to have fun and it felt good.

2 of my mates played some tourneys with me a couple of cheap mtts where i did nothing busting with aces against jacks and Q10... but thats what happens in these donkaments right?

we did 3 $1 9 man stt's together and after busting out first in game number one... i rallied up and won the other 2 games.... i know its not really an achievement to win a couple of $1 STT's but it felt good.

after that i still had the poker feeling so i decided to multitable some 10nl... now as you might know from previous posts cash is not going well for me.. over 3k hands at 10nl im down about $40 so tonight i was happy to play 600 hands and win a whopping $15... i know this is all peanuts but when i am despartely trying to utilise some bankroll managment this is a huge score for me. i also managed t rack up 50 full tilt points so i now know the volume i need to put in to achieve iron man status again this month.

on a non poker related note my sister babysitted my 3 daughters tonight and despite me and the mrs going out for dinner together we both came home and ignored each other, her sitting watching soaps and me playing my games - she had a little moan but maybe if it wasnt that time of the month i might of logged off.....

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