Sunday, 2 August 2009

gash at cash

im officially shit at cash play.... i used to be good but something has gone completely wrong... i cannot even win at 10nl FFS.

some bad beats but im making calls where i know im beat.

bankroll was upto $340 but is now $220... lucky i saw sense and stopped after losing my 1 attempt at $50nl headsup.

back to grinding tourneys it seems... poker is definitely only ever going to be a hobby and not the money earner i thought it would be.

Edit... i ididnt see sense for ling, bankroll now $120... i cannot belive it played on a soft looking $100 table

lost 88 all in pre flop to a shortstack who has AK ...
QQ on 548 flop he has 55
KK on a 8J2 flop he has 88

seriously bummed, last night was buzzing after hitting 4-5 final tables in a day, tonight feel like a total loser.

anyways diazepam is kicking in.... will probably be off work next week so plenty of time for poker. whethere that is a good or a bad thing i have no idea!!


Starlight Coast said...

Have you considered switching over to Limit cash games. The variance is lower than NL and we limit players don't worry about losing entire stacks on a single hand.

theshocker7 said...

i reckon limit might be be even worse for me as my main problem is making damn hero calls when i know im behind!