Thursday, 24 June 2010

2nd Half of year challenge

had to make a significant withdrawal last night so roll was down to $650, i could go into how its ludicrous to have to pay £200 for 4 passports for my children, youngest is 2 months but this is a poker blog!!

anyway with next week being the 1st of July and the start of the second year i have decided to go back to the original no more pain poker plan of tying to clear my debt so the aim if to get the roll upto $750 by next week and then play $25nl and small stakes tourneys if i feel like it.

this time to make me stick to the plan i have offered a wager to my mates, basically if i play any stakes higher than 10c/25c full ring or 25c/50c headsup then they win the bet, they can track whether i have broken this rule by going to poker table ratings... also for Omaha i am not allowed to play any stakes higher than 5c/10c and even then i doubt i will bother, thinking about Omaha makes me sick!

if anyone fancies making this wager with me let me know!

i am also thinking about a volume challenge maybe 200k hands before December but im not sure how feasible this is with the baby still not sleeping, ill think about it and let you know later.

had a nice session this morning, daughter woke up late for her feed at 6am, i fed her and put her into my bed with the mrs and decided to check out the tables as they are always a bit fishy early morning UK time, i loaded up my 16 tables and played about 800 hands for a decent $40 win, if i keep this up i might be able to get to a higher starting point for the 1st of July of $750 but we shall see.

bankroll $690.

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Ben said...

Good luck with this. I find its always good to set targets, as long as they are achievable. This seems to be within your grasp so go for it.

Oh and as for the passports, i feel your pain, man!!