Saturday, 12 June 2010

Whats Betfair Poker Like?

I cant viably play mainly tournaments as i just dont have the time, Full Tilt Cash and me dont get on so ive decided to move $500 to Betfair Poker as i can get 30% rakeback and a sign-up bonus.

anyone tell me what its like?

ive left $100 on Tilt and have $40 on Stars for randomt tourneys

no real aims for Betfair just grind up the microstakes and see how it goes

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Starlight Coast said...

In my opinion you are missing out on a veritable gold mine of profit opportunity by not playing at Poker Stars. Full Tilt, Betfair and any others you may wish to mention do not have the traffic like stars does and this kind of traffic allows you to play the tables that best suit your game because of the sheer amount of availability. I understand that your rakeback percentages you can recieve are good, but if it is going to cost you the ability to pick and choose which tables you can play on that will best suit your poker I think it is an error.

With Poker Stars VIP system, a NL multitabler even at .10/.25 could easily be earning the equivalent of 20% rakeback with monthly bonus purchases and add to that, the up to $1000 in Stellar Rewards that are available this year is, in my opinion, unsurpassed by any other site. Add to the fact that 3 business days for EFT withdraws are standard and the best customer service in the industry make Poker Stars the most obvious choice for any serious player.