Wednesday, 30 June 2010

It Begins

so pumped up about starting again and exercising some bankroll management, today is the first day where I can only play upto 25c/50c and Omaha can suck my balls although I have said that I would like to play 5c/10c in case I feel a Omaha craving.

If I play over these limits I will lose a bet I have with my mate, only £40 but I don't wanna give him 40p!!

bankroll to start is $770 as I had a little bit of extra profit last week, i also lost a $110 pot with AK to 97dd all in on the turn on a 665Kdd board - river of course 2d.

had a little go this morning and lost $60 in 375 hands of holdem, got stacked with a set of 3's where i could not see villain had hit a gut shot on turn and lost nearly a full stack with aces into a set of queens - standard.
However in just 8 hands of heads-up i won back $48, with game selection the games are so easy, just have to make sure not to play full stacked villains or hands like the AK hand above could hurt my roll.

bankroll $760, 2 steps and 2 step 3s.

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No pain, no post Baby....