Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Tourneys Tonight

registered for the daily dollar, the early double and the $32 guaranteed using my $26 token, will update on progress later.

today and yesterday i have ventured back onto cash to earn my 50 full tilt points a) for iron man but mainly as i need to clear a bonus by August, I have worked out it takes about 40 minutes at $10 Rush, the play itself has been good and im up $50 over two sessions - not sustainable i know.

i have also ben playing steps, i brought 7 with Full Tilt Points and out of 3 attempts i have won two step 2 tickets and have another crack at step 1 - will be interesting to see how i go.

as for the blog i think ive decided not to say what my bankroll is every post, ill just tally up at month end and see where i am, moving away from constantly checking my roll should hopefully make me more laid back to my results so i can concentrate on quality of play - we shall see.

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