Sunday, 6 June 2010

back but avoiding cash

managed to get a comibnation of a stake from my ever willing dad and managed to sling a few spare pounds back into the roll so im back, only difference is i'm avoiding cash games and im gonna see if i can have a few dedicated tournament nights, i just cannot trust myself on cash tables and the risk is too much.

Luckily i am a complete mtt nit, i never buy into games im not rolled for so hopefully i can get into a groove and ship a decent score.

i have put $100 into Poker Stars and now have a $570 roll on Full Tilt. i did pan for an extensive schedule tonight but its 24's conclusion so im just gonna play the daily dollar, the rake the race freeroll and a $5 game for the RTR syndicate

here goes.


Starlight Coast said...

I wish you well on the tournament trail. I am sure you are aware that variance playing tournaments is much much higher than that of cash games and you can go weeks and months of no cashes, but the great thing about tourneys is when you do score the rewards can be huge.

Still refuse to consider limit cash games, huh? :)

I know for you it is equivelant to root canal, but I have to tell you, they are a platinum mine just waiting to be mined.

Anyway, the best of luck and I hope to be reading about many monetary rewards headed your way.

Daly said...

hey starlight, actually i do need a game to bring in Full Tilt Points to clear my bonus, what limit can i play with my roll?

Starlight Coast said...

You have $570 on Tilt so it depends on how many tables you will play. 9 tables you can play .50/$1, but with a stop loss of $100 and then a drop to .25/.50

If you are just 1 or 2 tabling .50/$1 would be safest, but $1/$2 would not be out of the norm as long as you have the discipline to drop levels if things go poorly