Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Day 1 = profit but i was a bad boy

so day 1 of the bankroll challenge was here and i was looking forward to some poker, first off i did the 4th attempt at a score in the $5 RTR syndicate game, i made it an impressive 0 cashes for 4 coming 1000 odd in the $20k turbo, did not get any hands to play and exited with A7 losing to QQ after i got short, i also did a $2 180 manner and was pretty pissed off to go out with 60 left, i was about 6th in chips and the only person who had me covered shoved UTG...i had AK and called figuring he had 66-1010 and AJ or AQ, he did indeed had AQ and when the king hit the river it completed his straight - so frustating. i also did 2 90 man KO's coming nowhere in one and 15th in the other when blind on blind i shoved KJ but couldnt outdraw the BB's 88.

so tourneys out the way i started the bankroll challenge, step 1 was 5 stt's and 5 cash limit poker sessions where i had 250 times the fee or big bet. i did 3 $1 super turbo's figuring it would be easy and didnt cash any of them.

Limit poker was even worse, i made a small $1 profit on the 25c/50c table but lost about $15 on the 50c/$1 table - limit poker is so boring!!!

anyways after all this i scanned headsup tables, obviously i shouldnt be playing these as its above my roll but i dipped in and out of several games, specifically targeting germans, russians and french with less than $25 on the table.

it worked out ok and i turned a $20 loss from the tourneys ad limit poker into a $22 win, plus i had earnt nearly 100 full tilt points which helps towards clearing the bonus. Mrs did not sleep well last night so i assume she will be asleep early meaning i might assault a few big field tourneys tonight!

day 1 - +$22
total - +$22
bankroll - $522

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