Tuesday, 22 June 2010

No Longer a bankroll challenge and why i cant play Omaha

so last nights crazy hand means i no longer have to scratch around at $10nl, i can go back to my old game of $25nl and selective game of $50 heads-up against shortstacked opponents... the struggle will always be to not tilt and play games over my roll or go on monkey tilt during a session and end up shoving every hand and face card pre flop until i get my senses back.

i also have made a decision to not play Omaha, i just cant lay down hands and suck outs are more frequent which of course brings out my tilt demons.

below is too graphs from the bankroll challenge, even taking out my +$400 hand i was still an impressive +$300ish at holdem in a week, however losing $250ish at holdem kind kills it.

night off tonight have self banned in case i get the temptation later, will instead watch a movie with the mrs.

and ps starlight yes i know you're right, im an idiot and have proven the fact time and time again, hopefully now i have a roll i can stay sane and go back to my original plan of paying off my debt, lets hopefully see some use of the progress you gave me the code for months ago.

bankroll $930

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Starlight Coast said...

you can do it. I do it, and so can you. We can both because we know what the discipline means to our success and bankrolls. You know what to do and how to do it so just do it.

Staying away from Omaha is the best decision. Here a bit of info for you. I n all the Omaha books I have read or gone over and there have been several, the authors all say the same thing. Omaha is the biggest luck driven game there is because you are dealing with 9 cards. Stick to the skill. Stay with the games that can allow you to show your skill. Good luck, be well and play well.