Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Tourney Round Up

Notes from last nights Donkaments, initially I regged for $32k KO, Daily Dollar and Daily Double A & B, apologies the notes get a bit stupid as the night goes on as I was drinking.

• 20:27 - Early double in daily dollar AK > AQ
• 20:30 - double back down, called a tilt shove with A8, someone behind had AJ – tilter had 10 3
• 20:40 - FFS down to half a stack in $32k called in position with A8 Suited, floated flop bet when opponent checked turn and he shoved
• 20:45 – WOO) double up and $4, bounty min raise 97 late get 99A flop fellow shortie has ace 10
• 21:00 break -
271/1537 in $32k after a couple of nice hands and
2018/3339 in daily dollar – nothing happening so far
• started 18 man step one with a ticket
• out in step 14th shit turbo – next time do standard level
• regged for $6.50 super turbo mtt
• 21:15 lovely double up in daily double a, river gives someone a pair of jacks shame I shoved with nut flush
• down to shrapnel in double have AK flop ace, turn two pair, mug has called all the way with queen 10 and hits river jack – out 1090th soon after WTF queen 10 he calls pot every street with ace out
• out $6.50 super turbo my KK into JJ and AA – standard
• 21:36 double up daily dollar 1010>77, just below average now
• Down to 2600 and below average chips in double a fancy play syndrome with 88
• 22:00 Break -
238/791 $32k
427/1004 double b
1535/2400 daily dollar
• 10:10 straight after break double up in double b but FUCK lose AA to a set of 10s in $32k
• Out of $32k wtf gutted, not sure if I can fold aces I am deep but need help on this hand- AA Board is J1087
• JOKE - I have ace 10 board is 789J by turn, i go all in he calls with ace queen flush draw and of course hits - pot was for top 30 chips
• 22:21 triple up to 6k AQ>AJ>A7
• 22:35 lost key flip in daily dollar 88 all in preflop meets rivered queen for ace queen
• K8 loses to q6 in daily double on K62 flop, lucky villain was short on chips
• Out in daily dollar 88 all in pre loses to 56 hiting a straight but to be fair it was 4 handed and I came 3rd
• OMG EPIC I have Aces, someone raises in early and someone flat calls behind, I get tricky and flat call as well but two more fuckers do the same – where was the squeeze?!!?
5 handed to flop we go - Flop 445 two hearts, someone bets…. Flop is safe??? I shove and get 3 callers WTF!!! Up against two flush draws and kings – I hold quadruple up and im chip leader!!
• 23:00 3rd break, only in one tourney chip leader with 457 left
• Put cowboy hat on
• 23:07 start 90 manner $3 job
• I hand later - finish 90th LOL
• loading up stars to do the $ 180 manners
• 23 36 feeding baby lol, hard to play 3 tables and feed her
• 23 50 out of stars games, 4/250 in double
• 00:12 15/125 called a few shit bets
• 00:26 standard blowup lose AK to 44 then shove 3’s into AQ river to get back into top 30 of course river queen

So a lot of fun but only one cash of $12

On reflection I played pretty well built good stacks but took my eye of the ball, exit hands have been pretty rough AA, KK, AK etc.

Played a little cash play to end up $45 up for the evening but of course I have used my $26 token and a step one ticket.

Next time no drinking and maybe wait until Melina (baby) is sleeping through the night as im shattered and due to be up at 5am for her feed.

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