Sunday, 27 June 2010

Decent Tourneys Tonight

tonight is the monthly raketherake $30k freeroll, with around 1k runners, alongside that ill play the $32k KO with one of my tokens and maybe 1 or 2 other tourneys (bloggerment maybe)

quite excite about this as i usually play $5 tourneys with smaller prizes, maybe i can get a decent score and start my new challenge on Thursday with $1000 and not $750, would have no idea what i'd do with a 4 figure score, the chance to have a big bankroll vs using the money for household needs.

England Germany today, got a good feeling We'll do it, German's have a few to many youngsters in and im not convinced in their strikeforce of Podolski and Klose - FFS they shouldnt even be playing for Germany anyway as they're polish!!

bankroll $752

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Mr Origami said...

They shouldnt be playing for Germany as they both feckin score against England FFS!!