Tuesday, 1 June 2010

June Goals

as you can probably see by my figures on the side, i had a terrible tilty session since my last post, net affect down $250 which is a quarter of my roll. i wont go into the details ($200 rush NLH) but if i dont keep a lid on my emotions during a session i will never win any money. i have not withdrawn a dime in about two months from my account, its embarassing, Poker Table Ratings has me as a $780 loser, im not even going to defend it.

so June is here and i need some goals to focus

1. Cash Play - 50k hands at 10c/25c No Limit Holdem
2. Cash Play - only play the above! no Omaha, no heads-up.
3. Steps - i have purchased 7 step 1 tickets, i want to turn this into 4 $26 tokens.
4. 90 Man Ko's - play 20 in the month.

thats it simply. i've eyed up a few fames on Ipoker under my stake with my dad, hopefull i can win some to replenish my bankroll.

this month i need to really get a lid on my emotions and fucking grind out a win of some description.

bankroll $760

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